Friday, May 9, 2014

#dwyersportsbetting - Dwyer 5-9-14 Game 3 Heat v. Nets

#dwyersportsbetting - Dwyer 5-9-14 Game 3 Heat v. Nets. Warning: Gambling involves great risk. You could lose it all. I like the under 189. The Heat shot a whopping 41% from 3 point land in Game 2 at home. I don't believe they can continue that level of hot shooting from down town on the road. The game is a must win for Brooklyn, and will be played at a Game 7 level of intensity. Brooklyn is an elite defensive team when it wants to be, and gave up less than 100 points per game in February and March. (I discount April as teams try to slot themselves for the playoffs.) So too are the Heat, who gave up less than 95 per game in February and March. Since Game 1, the teams have adjusted defensively. (For example, Deron Williams was 0-9 shooting in Game 2 and the Heat's overall offensive output dampened.) I expect a low scoring Game 3.
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