Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dwyer 5-21-13 Game 3 Miami v. Indiana #dwyersportsbetting

Warning: Gambling involves great risk. You could lose it all. In Game 3, I like Miami @ -300 to win. Indy's Paul George is their best player. He plays a key role both offensively and defensively. On a team with personality chemistry problems, he seems to be a guy teammates turn to in key moments. In Game 2, George got hit in the head and admits to having blurred vision thereafter. IMO he won't be himself for Game 3. Blurred vision is serious in hoops. George - whose game fell off badly following the accident - won't be able to slow LeBron or to contribute offensively as he won't have the balance to do so. Add in Chris Bosh's efforts to redeem himself after a bad first two games, with Miami's return home after an excellent fourth quarter in Game 2 and you have the makings of a Miami victory in Game 3. I believe the -300 is too low.

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