Saturday, May 3, 2014

#dwyersportsbetting - Dwyer 5-3-14 IMO Best Way To Play Marcos Maidana

High Risk. Warning: You could lose it all. I believe Mayweather wins the fight. But . . . if you are intent on betting on Marcos Maidana, the best way to play him is to take the under 11.5 rounds @ +190. I don't believe Maidana can win by decision. His only chance is a stoppage. More importantly, I believe Mayweather has an outside shot at getting a stoppage -- as he is much faster and more fluid than Maidana. This prop lets you win if either Maidana or Mayweather gets the stoppage before the midway point of the 12th (last) round and pays you an almost 2 to 1 profit.
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