Wednesday, May 7, 2014

#dwyersportsbetting - Dwyer 5-7-14 BBall - Oklahoma City v. Los Angeles, Game 2

Warning: Gambling involves great risk. You could lose it all. I like OKC @ -235 to win Game 2. When counting 3 pointers and efficiency, the Clippers effectively shot 64% in Game 1. The Clippers hit 15 of 29 threes in the game (more than 50%). They can't maintain that pace. Nor can OKC afford to lose a second game on their home court. The game is a must win game for OKC. In addition, OKC did better than the final score suggests. For example, OKC vastly out-rebounded the Clippers. Both Westbrook and Durant scored at least 25 points.
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