Sunday, January 5, 2020

Dwyer 1-5-20 NBA Possible Low Hanging Fruit

Possible Low Hanging Fruit -- with a Warning: Heat lost their last game by 20. -- Today in NBA, I like a two team parlay of the Heat and huge favorite Lakers on moneylines.

Saturday, January 4, 2020

Dwyer 1-4-20 NBA Possible Low Hanging Fruit

Possible low hanging fruit: Tonight in NBA, I like a two team parlay of huge favorites Dallas and Milwaukee on moneylines.

Friday, January 3, 2020

NFL WIldcard Round Picks

NFL Wildcard Round Picks -- I like Minnesota getting 8 points against New Orleans. RB Dalvin Cook will be back. Statistically, the two teams are close. Cousins is not as bad as this line suggests. Saints are too reliant on WR Michael Thomas IMO. I like Philly getting 2.5 at home v. Seattle. Seahawks are still very injured at RB. They are a West Coast team coming East. Team is much better at home in the playoffs than they are on the road. Carson Wentz has been on fire. I like New England on a moneyline over Titans. Public narrative (e.g. Fox's Jason Whitlock) has gotten out of hand. Patriots are coming off a 12-4 year. The defense is top-notch and they are playing at home. Belichik is still the coach. Brady is still the QB. Stop Derrick Henry, and you've stopped the Titans. I like the Patriots straight up.