Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Dwyer 6-26-14 World Cup Match USA v. Germany #dwyersportsbetting

Warning: Gambling involves great risk. You could lose it all. Dwyer 6-26-14 World Cup Match USA v. Germany #dwyersportsbetting. I like Germany to win @ -143, with an insurance hedge (to recover part of your investment, not full insurance) of the draw @ +160. The game is mispriced IMO. The public is overemphasizing the USA's victory over Ghana, and Germany's draw with Ghana. Germany is the world class team with the world class offense (one goal every 4 attempts [average is one goal every 9.4 attempts] one goal every 30 minutes v. the USA's one goal every 45). Juergen Klinsmann doesn't substitute players until late in games. USA is likely to be fatigued against deeper German team.

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