Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dwyer 4-17-14 -- NBA Series Play - Clippers Over Warriors

I believe it is over for the Warriors -- who have fired two assistant coaches and have an injured starting center Andrew Bogut. The owner refuses to commit to Mark Jackson for next year. I like the Clippers at the posted odds (right now -360). Bogut is an excellent rebounder. Without him, the Clippers will have the upper hand on the boards with DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin. On the perimeter, the Clippers also have the quickness to slow down Stephan Curry. Chris Paul is a juggernaut. He also is excellent at stealing the basketball -- while Curry has a problem with turnovers. By contrast, the Warriors's David Lee is defensively challenged in the low post and won't have Bogut's help. The Clippers also have the home court advantage. Their coach - Doc Rivers - has won an NBA championship. His chief second - Alvin Gentry - himself has been a playoff head coach.
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